Geometry Dash Mod APK v2.11 Free Download (Full Version Unlocked)

Have you played a game Contra, Mario in TV cassettes of the video game? The exact same way you can play Geometry Dash in Android apk and Windows OS based System. Geometry Dash is a series of four different related games which are Geometry Dash lite, Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, and Geometry Dash Subzero.

The game is initially introduced with 21 main levels. Also, In-app purchases version player can make custom levels, which are already touched at 40 Million online levels. The full version of Geometry dash game is available in the Play store, and for that, you have to pay around $1.99.

Geometry Dash mod apk free download

Geometry Dash mod apk free download

Each Level has unique and different features like different background rhythms music at a different level. Level editor, map packs, user-created levels, secret coins, and a variety of icons and game modes are primary features. We will introduce in brief at the features section.

Series of Geometry Dash full version game is developed by Swedish company RobTop Games Founder Robert Topala. Android version requirement is 4.0 and above. The game has high graphics like Pyromance, HoshPosh, Aelerity, etc. The game contains 85MB space in local storage. RAM size should be 2GB and above.

A game is made with three modes in which are

  1. Main Mode.
  2. Custom Mode.
  3. Practice Mode.

Geometry Dash Lite Main mode (Free Version)

Free Geometry Dash game has an only main mode. In primary mode, you can perform only a few of functionalities and level.

In main mode there is only 21 level which is average and primary level, you can’t beat the rank and interestingness of Custom level of full version Geometry Dash.

Here, you will get 3 secret coins which are making of total 63 coins.  With this coin, you can be able to unlock 3 next demon level, which are Club step, Theory of everything and deadlocked. In the main mode, there is “difficulty cap” which is used in to indicate a difficulty of the level. From easy to demon you have to face challenging adaptive levels.

After clearing a level, the player will be honored with stars. Demons level start from 14 to 15. Also, Up to 10 stars are deciding on a custom level.

What will you get in Geometry Dash Full Version APK?

In Geometry Dash In-App Purchased Full Version APK you will get many extra unlocked features which are disabled in the free version.

The custom level is only for premium version user, and only full version user can access those extra 40 million levels. In custom level locks, rings, jump pads, portals, spikes, and user coins are for you to play comfortably. To secure a store them vault is unlocked in full version.

Here, Player can publish or make its new level. With the collective coin, you can set up a new custom level. RobTop decides difficulty of your created level. For each level you made in custom mode, they provide music from Newgrounds. The custom level has its Unique ID. You have to send this created custom level for rating purpose to RobTop.

Practice Mode: Practice and be a master

Practice mode to be a master of geometry dash game. If you are at the top of the level, then also you can use practice mode. In practice mode, officials give you a particular checkpoint. With these checkpoints, you can be started from where you paused.

Why GEOMETRY DASH mod apk  

Mod game is the abbreviation of modified game. In the mod version of any application and game, you have all possible ways to customize it and change it. In mod apk, you can access all paid locked version of functionality. The free feature is in mod apk.

Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash Mod APK

Custom mode is an essential part of Geometry Dash Mod apk. You can find Geometry dash mod apk from any top-ranked website. The custom level you can unlock in a mod application. Store and shopping are unlimited on mod version game. You can get unlimited coins and gems which are used to purchase tools and icon pack in game.

download geometry dash apk mod version

To download Geometry Dash Apk Mod Version just click on below download button and it will take you to download page from where you can download the latest mode version app.

Download APK

Application Version Information

App NameGeometry Dash APK
App Version2.11
Requires Android4.0 and up
Last UpdatedAugust 25, 2018
Size74.9 MB
DeveloperRobTop Games

Application Screenshots

  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot
  • Geometry Dash Screenshot

features of geometry dash apk mod

#1 Achievements

In the whole series, you will get a reward after achieving victory in main and custom level. Icon-pack as a reward for game and functionalities appearance. Trivia Based game and at last you will get a reward. The leaderboard is there for ranking after attempting each level. There is small goals are created, and after accomplishing them, the essential achievement will be unlocked.

#2 Music

Background music is featuring of Newgrounds composer. The excellent environment of gameplay and in every another level you will get different tracks of the music. Every activity is different in-game and in this activity music change according to player action. In such a rhythmic manner, for you, each level is interesting and attractive.

#3 Collectibles

With 15 stars per level after completing a single level, for the whole main level, you will be rewarded as 187 stars. 1818 stars are rewarded from completing map packs, divided between 1,365 level stars and 453 pack stars, with up to 10 stars per level and per pack. 372 stars are rewarded from completing gauntlet levels, with up to 10 stars per level. In secret level challenge, you will be rewarded as 3 stars.  For certain star, you have Icon pack also.

#4 Icon kit

To change the appearance of the user interface of the game you have icon kit. You can select individually from primary to secondary colors. With a user account, you can unlock achievement of Icon pack. To configure icon pack there is need of unlocking cubes, unlock cubes 65 to 71 from Geometry Dash Meltdown, cubes 72 and 75 from Geometry Dash World, and cubes 143 to 148 from Geometry Dash SubZero.

#4 Leaderboard Position

Top 100 position decided as per star collection. In friend’s category, it is also shown rank with the star collection. Global ranking achievement form all over the world which are also ordered as star number of stars.

It shows the top 100 level creator in custom mode. At the creator level, there is set up as 1 creator point, and it is equal to 1 star. At creator level, additional points are rewarded for the unique creation of level.

#5 Level Editor

You can set up the level in Geometric mod apk. Level length from 9 seconds to 120 plus seconds you can make. Tiny, short, medium, long and XL is the category based on length of the level.

In level making, you can place components and objects. Blocks, platforms, outlines slopes, stationary hazards, 3D Decorative, Interactive objects, ground-based decoration, Air-based decorations, pulsating decorations,  Rotating objects, triggers, Custom objects, etc. you can adjust for level editing.

steps to install geometry dash apk in Android

We will introduce how to install in-App purchases and Geometry dash mod apk.

Step 1: First of all make sure you have downloaded the latest version mod apk from Here.

Step 2: First of all you need to allow your Android device to install apps from Unknown sources by going to Settings >> Security >> Allow apps to Install from Unknown sources.    

Step 3: Locate the downloaded “Geometry Dash Mod.APK” and open it and Install. It will ask you for some permissions just allow it and install the game on your device.



Step 4: Start playing…

All Other Geometry Dash Games Versions

  1.    Geometry Dash Lite

Lite version has primary and beginner level challenges. The user can access only main mode 21 levels. They cannot create a custom level and can’t be access created level.

A game player can’t be allowed for some dashing vehicles, and store shopping,  also for some achievements and customization. Player has not to the right to create a private account.

  1.    Geometry Dash Meltdown

RobTop released its second game of series Geometry dash on December 2015. With some extra 3 levels are unlocked than lite version. Version 2.1 and 2.0 are faded, and new icons and UI changes are done in Meltdown.

For the first time, they are released for iOS and iOS desktop devices.

  1.    Geometry Dash World

On late December RobTop are released Geometry Dash World. They are updated from 1.0 and add 2 new worlds. In each world, they added 5 new levels. The designer of the game is come up with an icon, shop, levels, and rewards.

  1.    Geometry Dash SubZero

After one year of Geometry dash world, they publish a Subzero version of Geometry Dash series. This time they are focused on camera control, they added some new angles of camera and controls to play in a different direction.  Also, add 3 new levels. Currently, they are on this latest version of geometry dash.

In the end

How you are accurate in the screen of geometry dash. It will decide your success in the geometry dash mod apk. Logics should be proper and apply at the right time.  When you find a difficulty in level, to overcome any it practice mode is available for making yourself a strong player. After then use Main mode and Custom mode to be chase a level.

Free mod apk of geometry dash available, in which you can find unlocked features. Mod apk of various game series you can find or else you can use the patcher to generate a mod apk. At last, find how to for installation of In-app purchases game and Geometry mod apk.  

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